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Results may vary from person to person based on body size and other factors.

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What Our Clients Say

“I’ve never been as successful with a weight loss program as I’ve been so far with TruBalance.”

“I have been on it for 36 days now. I have lost 22 lbs and two pant sizes but the biggest thing is that I came off one of my diabetic medications in just three weeks after I started this program.”

“TruBalance is absolutely amazing! I’m making better choices about what I eat that have led to amazing results… more energy, better sleep, and keeping the 50 pounds off that I’ve lost.”

Lois’ TruBalance Story:

TruBalance has given me back self-approval and body-esteem. There are many great things that have and are taking place in my life, since I began the TruBalance journey. My husband is looking. He is complimenting as I leave the house in the mornings, he is calling me “skinny Lois” in an approving tone. Looking at myself in the mirror requires double-takes. I cannot believe I look slim, healthy, and strong.

Working at UAPTC requires that I walk a distance from the parking lot to the classroom. When I began teaching there in 2017, I dreaded the walk to and from the classroom to the parking lot. It was a struggle: huffing and puffing and stopping to rest. Not anymore!!!!! I am smiling, singing, skipping, and thanking the Lord for the renewed strength I have since losing 47+ pounds.

More energy, a decrease in my thyroid medicine, and an overall good feeling inside and out is what TruBalance has done for me. I learned many things about eating, sleeping, and food that I will incorporate into my life forever. TruBalance has given me a “new me” inside out.

-Lois M.

Tony’s TruBalance Story:

The final straw of being so overweight came when "one” of my doctors put me on insulin. Twice a day! The dosage was increased on my third visit with her. Then all my other medications increased.

I saw a TruBalance commercial and knew I had to do something about the weight and medications. My overall health was terrible. No energy, depressed and stressed. Making that appointment that day I called Trubalance, has been the BEST choice I have made in a long time.

I feel so much better and have so much energy. I’m off of my blood pressure medications, and Metformin! I’ve lost 60lbs, I don’t have to worry about insulin shots or have the bad side effects of insulin (low blood sugar). I will never regret that phone call!

-Toni T.

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