Meet Our Team

Stephanie Frakes 

Master Certified Health Coach


Favorite Health quote:  If you don’t make time for your WELLNESS you will be forced to make time for your ILLNESS. 
Background Education, Training: Associates of Applied Science and Business Degree, Master Certified Health Coach 
Your TruBalance story: I have lost over 100 pounds with the help of TruBalance. Learning how to maintain it has been a journey for sure.  What you have to know is, this is MORE than just a diet. It's a lifestyle. In 2015, my metabolism was non existent at 45 years old. Walking was not easy and I was out of breath easily, I felt sluggish all the time, couldn't do the things I used to do and was beyond ready for a change.  I was blessed with my first grand baby, became a "Gigi" and well, I wanted to live to see her grow up, I didn't want to be on medications as I was reaching closer to being in my 50's. I wanted to have more energy, feel better and to have less pain. Mostly, to be able to keep up with her as she grew up. I didn’t want to be that grandmother who couldn’t do the fun things  because I was so out of shape, those hikes in the woods, mountains, walks/runs on the beach wouldn’t be possible. I wanted to grow old with my amazing husband and not have to be "taken" care of in our latter years. I was committed to getting professional help and Dr. Traci was taking care of my spine so it was only natural to give this TruBalance program a shot.
I did feel desperate and if this didn't work, maybe I was just supposed to be the heavier me.  I couldn't see myself going under the knife for a surgery that would leave me eating only a small amount of food or water at a time, that was not a life I wanted to embrace. TruBalance is a lifestyle change! It covers gut health, pH balance, and hormone balance. It  has also taught me structure, accountability and  knowing what real foods to put in my body for fuel!
I’m not perfect, I mess up, but my foundation of what keeps me moving forward was set by the tools that TruBalance gave me and still give me. Dr. Kiernan will say, "it's a journey, not a destination" and that is so true. I am so thankful for my new lifestyle that I learned with TruBalance, personally and professionally. My passion is helping others to get to their desired goals for health!
In my spare time I love to: Read, travel, spend time with family, hang out near water, be it the pool, lake or ocean, that's my happy place.  
I’ve worked at TruBalance since: 2016, I've been here since the beginning and love that I get to help people each day.
Favorite movie: Steel Magnolia’s, Fried Green Tomatoes and Top Gun-Maverick!
Favorite vegetable:  yellow squash & tomatoes
One of the most important things I’ve learned about my health while at TruBalance is: It truly is a journey. We don't just wake up one day overweight and unhealthy. It was daily choices that put me there. It will take daily choices to keep me on the healthy journey I'm on now. It feels great and I don't ever want that old lifestyle back. 

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